Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders

Creating Your Future

Fostering Core Capabilities

Becoming a leader begins longs before being chosen for a formal leadership role. It begins with a focus on personal leadership – looking at how you show up and relate to others, and how you communicate.

At Turner Bishop our coaching programs encourage aspiring leaders to develop these key leadership capabilities early in your careers. It will support you in your current role and position you well for promotion and success in future leadership roles.

In our experience effective leadership is based on a deep understanding of one-self, and a sound ability to communicate with, and relate to, others.

Our coaching programs place high emphasis on exploring and strengthening interpersonal and communication skills. They also emphasise the importance of maintaining an open mind and a willingness to embrace new perspectives.

Drawing on the breadth and diversity of our own leadership experience allows us to understand the world of our clients. And our work with clients who are already CEOs and leaders in their fields allows us to support those who are at earlier stages of their careers.

As with all our programs, our conversations with emerging leaders are as varied as the individuals we work with. We focus where it’s needed, whether it’s around developing specific leadership capabilities or more broadly exploring the personal capabilities that will position you for a fulfilling and successful career.

Cultivating curiosity, thinking laterally, being innovative and entrepreneurial, adaptable and flexible are recurring themes, as are issues around managing stress, building resilience, confidence, and dealing with challenging people.

Key to our programs with emerging leaders is crafting a development plan that is meaningful and addresses the underlying capabilities and strengths you wish to build; a plan that relates to who you are, your aspirations and your context.

We will explore your learning style and agree how we will work together to support your learning and development. Some prefer an approach that is very structured, while others prefer an approach that focuses more on ongoing issues and events. We will adapt to your preferences.

At the end of our work together we will review the program together. We will measure your progress, review what you have learned (about yourself and others) and identify those areas which will be helpful for your further development.

Client Testimonial

“Gillian’s unique experience of board memberships, senior management in the finance industry, psychology and counselling, made for a powerful coach. Not only did I become more balanced and focused, I was able to work through the political jungle that is the dealing room.”

Vice President, Equities, Global Funds Management Group