Board & C-Suite

Board & C-Suite

Empowering Today’s Leaders

Navigating Uncharted Territory

Board directors and senior executives value a trusted discussion partner and confidant – someone who understands your context and the range and complexities of issues that confront you.

Our senior level programs combine mentoring and coaching – integrating discussion of business challenges with a deeper exploration of the way you perceive, feel and respond to the opportunities and issues you face.

In today’s disrupted economies and fragmented markets, you have opportunities and confront challenges that are different to those faced with by earlier leaders. There are very few relatable role models.

Whether it’s around creating a workforce that is adaptive, diverse and accountable, or working with a board that is grappling with the complex interplay of technology, risk, and governance, you need a trusted discussion partner who understands your context – and supports you to flourish in it.

Leading through ambiguity and uncertainty requires courage and considerable self-reliance. Data and analysis may not provide a complete or compelling solution. People leadership skills, and the ability to provide authentic, strong leadership through periods of doubt, are paramount.

Our conversations with CEOs and senior executives are as varied as the business and leadership issues you are dealing with. Strategic imperatives, team dynamics, board relations, future career pathways, and leaving a legacy, are recurring themes. But the nuances are evolving.

We offer to be a candid observer and wise counsel, who will challenge your perspectives and approaches – always in a way that encourages and supports you. We will work with you to explore the way you think and feel about the opportunities ahead, the challenges you face, and the responsibilities you carry. We will have your best interests at heart.

Our programs often include confidential interviews with agreed colleagues to gain valuable awareness of how you are perceived by others – always with the objective to strengthen your leadership and expand organisational competence.

Throughout our work together you will gain insight and greater self-awareness into your way of being and operating that will allow you to evolve and develop in ways that strengthen your leadership and align with your values and aspirations.

Client Testimonial

“I was fortunate to have Gillian Turner support me through a coaching program. She guided me to reflect on the actions I should take in service of my role. Gillian’s open and pragmatic approach enabled me to get to the heart of my issues and commit to a new action to make a difference as a result of our discussions.”

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