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Inspiring authentic, courageous leadership. Facilitating real, sustainable change.

Integrated Approach Across Services

Turner Bishop offers clients customised programs in leadership, career development and team dynamics.

We work across a range of industries, in the public and private sector, and in the professions – areas in which we have extensive experience, as leader, coach and mentor.

Our programs are practical, flexible and adaptable, and focussed on delivering meaningful sustained change. They are grounded in an understanding of what it means to be human.

Every program is tailored to the context and objectives of our clients. Our unique strength is our ability to quickly understand and relate to client context, and to identify opportunities for actionable change.

Conversations form the basis of our work together – to which we bring insight, wisdom and a deep understanding of psychology and neuroscience.

We work with you to explore the way you think, how you use language, the moods and emotions you live in, and the way this all comes together in your posture and movement. Through targeted interventions we support you to make the changes you choose to support your career and leadership objectives.

A key component of all programs is to strengthen your ability to observe yourself and others, and to make adjustments that unleash your leadership and personal potential.

Through skilful questions and insightful observations, we will guide you to develop new perspectives, and uncover hidden opportunities to fast track your development, ensuring you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

We have frameworks and conceptual tools which we introduce into our conversations where relevant to your needs. These are drawn from a variety of coaching and counselling disciplines, including ontological coaching, existential practice, systems thinking, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural psychology, and Kantor structural dynamics.

Individual programs include regular one-on-one meetings (in person, through video-link or by phone) and periodic review to ensure objectives remain relevant and the program on-track.  We can also interview colleagues or other relevant parties to provide you with insight into how you are perceived by others.

As conversations sit at the heart of human behaviours and workplace interactions, many of our programs focus on understanding the way we communicate and relate to others. We use the Kantor suite of psychometric instruments to support our work in this area.

The Kantor model provides a descriptive language that helps us understand our own and others’ communication and behavioural patterns in a non-judgmental framework. A Kantor profile provides coaching on how to improve our behavioural repertoire and how to manage reactions in high stakes settings.

Specialised Programs

Client Testimonial

“Gillian helped me work through my career goals and aspirations and challenged me, with different strategies and techniques, to think more deeply about my career. She helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses, what motivates and drives me and, most importantly, what holds me back.”

General Counsel, Major Financial Services Company