Leadership Philosophy

Powerful leadership requires us to reflect on who we are, and how we live our lives.

Empowering Leaders

Leadership is a way of being, not a position or title.

We all have the ability to be leaders in the way we conduct our lives, and the way we interact with others.

True leadership is about showing up authentically, and contributing positively, to the societies and communities in which we live and work.

As humans we often make assumptions about people we see, or interact with, based on very little knowledge about the person. Sometimes we haven’t even heard them speak. Based on the way they stand, or move, or the expression on their face, we draw conclusions about their mood, the kind of person they are, what they do in life.

People do the same about us. Yet very few of us explore these things in ourselves.

If we want to become the leaders we aspire to be we need to explore who we are, how we show up, and what we do.  We need to examine our filters and fixed views. We need to look more closely at how we see the world; and at how we create opportunities for personal growth, career and leadership development. We need to set ambitious goals.

In our experience, the transformational change that empowers strong, effective leadership is not achieved through simply learning a set of new skills or techniques. Transformational change is holistic in nature. It embraces the way we think, how we talk, the moods and emotions we live in, and how we move and hold our body.

If we have the curiosity to delve deeper, the courage to embrace new ways of being and the ambition to take bold new steps, we begin the process of stepping into the full potential of our leadership.

Working with a coach and mentor deepens our self-awareness in ways we rarely achieve through independent self-reflection. Through insightful questions and targeted observations, they provide a mirror to our way of being.

A coach and mentor helps us better understand what drives and motivates us, and how we show up and interact with others. They engage with our curiosity. Above all they help build and ground our confidence, supporting us to become the kind of leader who inspires and motivates others.


“Leadership requires courage and the ability to stay present while visioning the future.”

Gillian Turner