Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about working with us.
Australian & Global Leader – Professional Services

“I met Gillian and several other coaches almost 5 years ago, and it was very clear on first meeting that Gillian’s experience and style was exactly what I was seeking.  At this time I stepped into the National Managing Partner role, encompassing responsibilities both in Australia, as well on two Global Executives/Boards, which combined with teenage family, and several School and Community Board roles, was both exciting and challenging.

Gillian is an outstanding listener, probing into the real underlying issues, and seeking levels of insights I hadn’t taken sufficient time to consider.  She is an excellent coach, and how she has helped me shape decisions, and my career path has been incredibly helpful.  I would highly recommend Gillian to anyone seeking a very personable, insightful and experienced coach.”

CEO, Retail (Iconic Brand)

“What I have enjoyed about the mentoring program has been the opportunity to develop and challenge myself, and Gillian has been instrumental in giving me the necessary confidence and self belief. She has great skill in cutting through the noise and excuses and I have gained insights about my reactions and behaviour and what I can do to create my own outcomes and results.

It truly has been a journey, and after every meeting with Gillian I have been able to reflect on our conversation, reflect on her suggestions and comments and even had a couple of epiphany moments that for me were breakthroughs. Her combination of senior executive experience and business acumen coupled with knowledge of human behaviour and psychology helped me analyse and navigate commercial realities and scenarios.

Gillian has offered generous support and encouragement and having her as my mentor is a major contributor to my transition from a managing focus and mindset to becoming a leader and developing my strategic capability.”

CEO, Resources (Top 10 ASX Listed)

“I was fortunate to have Gillian Turner support me through a coaching program. She guided me to reflect on the actions I should take in service of my role. Gillian’s open and pragmatic approach enabled me to get to the heart of my issues and commit to a new action to make a difference as a result of our discussions.”

Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Advisor

“I benefited greatly from the coaching from Gillian Turner during a particular time of change including board/executive and strategy renewal. This allowed me to successfully navigate through this.

Gillian’s style is personable, consultative and holds you to account which undoubtedly contributes to you being a more effective leader who can deliver outcomes quicker.  Senior Executives, NED’s and Chairs who are serious about maintaining their leadership edge and effectiveness would all benefit from the coaching expertise of Gillian Turner.”

Eminent Surgeon, Professor of Surgery at Leading Australian University

“I was facing a number of challenges in my surgical practice and with the team of colleagues around me. I felt I could deal with them more effectively if I had some external guidance. A friend of mine, a lawyer in the corporate sector, had been working with Gillian in a coaching program and highly recommended I contact her.

Over a 21-month period Gillian and I had a number of conversations during which we explored the way I related to my colleagues, and the perspectives and assumptions I brought to my dealings with them.

Although Gillian is not a doctor, she showed a keen understanding of my context and the people I was dealing with. We agreed a number of actions I would take to strengthen my relationships, with my immediate colleagues and also in my extended relationships across the hospital and medical faculty.

To this day, I can see and feel the difference Gillian has made to the way I deal with different situations.”

General Counsel, Major Financial Services Company

“In the early stages of our professional relationship, Gillian helped me work through a difficult work situation involving my boss. Although she only met him once or twice, I felt as though Gillian knew exactly the type of person I was dealing with.

Gillian helped me work through my career goals and aspirations and challenged me, with different strategies and techniques, to think more deeply about my career. She helped me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses, what motivates and drives me and, most importantly, what holds me back.”

C-Suite Executive, Human Services

“Within a short space of time, Gillian has the ability to gain a deep and meaningful insight into your strengths and capabilities, and how to bring them to the surface in your behaviours and in your dialogue as a leader.

Gillian has the ability to lead you into a different frame of thinking and provide very practical and effective strategies to try in real situations both personally and professionally.

When Gillian first became my coach, I was experiencing some very confronting and challenging behaviours from colleagues at a senior executive level. This led to a depletion of my personal energy and confidence.  Gillian guided me through the challenges and supported me to take my own actions to turn things around to become a stronger, more intentional leader. Our ongoing sessions continued to provide me with inspiration and motivation to constantly examine how I present myself and respond in all my interactions.

I also had the opportunity to have Gillian work with my senior team using the Kantor Profiling during a period of rapid growth and uncertainty. The outcomes realised were the most profound I have encountered during my 25 years of senior leadership. I would recommend you talk to Gillian about Kantor.”

Global Marketing Director, Travel Industry

“Gillian is a truly exceptional coach. I have worked with her for over 5 years now and she has navigated me through some tough times; both professionally and personally, with great success. After each session I feel I have great clarity and confidence around my next steps in otherwise uncertain situations. She is the best coach I have ever worked with, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Vice President, Equities, Global Funds Management Group

“Gillian Turner’s effect on my career and direction in life was profound. Her unique experience of board memberships, senior management in the finance industry, psychology and counselling, made for a powerful coach.

She was able to assess my weakness in boundaries immediately and helped to develop a strategy to step outside the insular box I had created for myself making me a far more effective leader. Not only did I become more balanced and focused, I was able to work through the political jungle that is the dealing room.”

Strategy Director, Advertising

“I met with Gillian during a pivotal point in my career.  Gillian’s approach and explicit guidance helped me establish a strong foundation to stabilise and grow, with implications far beyond the immediate challenges I faced.

To this day I carry key elements of Gillian’s advice in structuring my thinking and directing my energy more efficiently.  I would recommend Gillian to anyone seeking to shift their approach to work and set themselves up for a more enjoyable and successful career.”